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Beekeeping way of life for Syd & Mavis Davis

posted 30 Nov 2009, 12:05 by EBKA Webmaster   [ updated 26 Feb 2010, 08:38 ]
For over half their lives Syd & Mavis now in their 8o’s have been involved with beekeeping.  Syd admits with a laugh that he made several mistakes at first! After moving a swarm for a neighbour he acquired a hive from a friend. He built this up to having 6 hives in his garden but had to move them when neighbours’ washing on their lines attracted the bees to take water from the garments! He then moved them & built up an Apiary with 50 hives. Having seen a notice board to join EBKA at the Walker Hall in Evesham Syd approached EBKA to join but sadly at first was turned down due to the sugar shortage at that time. Resilient Syd went on to join the Association and was introduced by the retired Dr Mowat and became a fully paid up member. Both enjoyed being very active members & had wonderful times with making so many friends along the way and were sorry to have to end their days beekeeping in 2006.  Following early retirement in 1987 Syd began making his own equipment for fun from saw cut frames to wax foundation. With an Apiary of 100 hives Mavis was a constant source of help to him with the smoking & cleaning. Together they continued to tend their bees with passion & confessed they loved every minute of it. Many bee safaris & demos were held at their Apiary at Ashton-under-Hill where Mavis did the catering & bar-b-ques. A particular Bee Inspector, Mrs Homer, would inevitably attend to sample the many ‘cakes’ which Mavis made! Syd recalls the years 86-89 where the honey flow was particularly bad, but during 89 he had a bumper 2½ tons of honey. You will see from the photos how busy the bees were filling the super’s up, but not forgetting the work involved for Syd & Mavis. We can’t contain all their experiences in this short profile but would cordially ask Syd, ever the ‘professional’ to write a book about his Beekeeping?