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New Branch Apiary Manager Richard Higgins reports

posted 25 Feb 2010, 14:41 by EBKA Webmaster   [ updated 26 Feb 2010, 08:36 ]
Work has commenced to establish our Branch Apiary at Pershore College. 2010 is due to be an exciting year for all of us, getting the apiary up & running & using the facility to improve our beekeeping. Thanks to our initial grant of £1500.00 from the Cotswold Conservation Board's Sustainable Development Fund we have bought 6 new cedar National hives, each with Varroa floor, Brood box, Roof & two supers. These have been assembled, branded by members & are ready for use at the college. The grant is given in two stages, the 6 hives have cost around £700.00. The frames foundation etc will be purchased from the 2nd stage of the grant in March.  Members have prepared bees to move in around this time, hopefully to have an official opening around April time. WDC have offered a similar grant in 2010, when we hope to buy equipment to demonstrate the various methods of swarm control, Queen Rearing etc. We will need junior & adult bee suits for the beginners, nuc boxes travelling boxes, comb honey boxes to demonstrate the various methods available. & much more. I have been asked to manage the Apiary, I am sure this is due to my close proximity to the site rather than my beekeeping expertise. I have had offers of help with the project & will be hoping to get a working team together in order to spread the load. Anyone interested in joining the team please get in touch on 01386 555755. Pershore College has been very helpful & supportive to our needs which includes providing a shared equipment shed, large enough to hold demonstrations etc. The College will have an apiary alongside our own which will be used for educating their students under the capable eye of Martyn Cracknell. The 2010 Evesham Branch programme will focus on the Branch Apiary.  During the season it is intended to introduce a regular club evening, where members can attend to informally discuss bee topics / problems of the day.  Saturday meetings will still take place, many of them at the Branch Apiary. The aim of the apiary is to provide an introduction / training for new beekeepers and the opportunity for existing beekeepers to develop their skills in the aforementioned. Producing honey & wax products will not be an important part of the project but I hope it will be enough for us to become self financing. The new Evesham Branch Apiary belongs to you, the members. It is hoped you will use it to the full. Please bring along any ideas as I’m sure there are many more things we can do with a facility like this, to promote the art of Beekeeping.