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News from friends in France

posted 18 Nov 2011, 01:50 by Pete Steadman   [ updated 4 Jan 2012, 14:41 by EBKA Webmaster ]
Hi Martin,
enclosing a few pic of the SLAA (Syndicat Limousin Avicole et Apicole) Bee School in Couzeix, near Limoges. This is where we have continued with our training – thankfully one of the tutors speaks a little English. He is also interested in maybe exchanging ideas – his name is Christian Vigneron, he is very interested in the construction of the National hive, as he thinks it offers good insulation properties, amongst other things.
The first pic is of the Bee school itself. then there is a pic of the nuclei – the school raise these for their beekeepers – new beekeepers etc who haven’t got a hive yet or those who lose theirs. They also raise queens to re-queen when needed. The third pic is of newbees checking some of the schools’ hives. The final one is of us transferring queen cells to another ruchette, (small hive, ideal for swarms and nuclei), ready to start off a nuclei.
We hope you find these interesting. We are feeding our own bees at present, weather has turned, and there is no nectar flow at present. Our bees are quite grumpy, and even when working on the land near the hive they are always out investigating what is happening. Chris has been stung several times, so we are thinking come spring, if they are like that we might have to re-queen, which is a pity as she is a good layer.

Hope everyone is well, send them all our regards. We now have a couple of the French Dadant hives as well – these have plastic bases/floors and are easy to clean etc – they have a separate plastic tray that slides out for varroea checking.

Thank you for the information from the group. If anyone is interested in coming over anytime to see how they French  work, I will send over the timetable for next year when we receive it. Also the timetable for trainees.

All the best,

Keni & Chris Carrington